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Award winning contemporary artist Paul Oester creates dynamic paintings with his hand thrown abstract style. Oester reverse paints acrylic onto hand-carved plexiglas.  This style creates incredible energy and movement.


​Imagine taking a handful of paint and throwing it at a window. Now walk around to the other side and that is how the paintings are viewed. With this and other techniques, Oester continues to conceptualize abstract realism into modern contemporary art.


His paintings are meticulously finished for the home and professional environments. Contact Oester for commissioned works of art. Upon request and availability are items for fundraisers.



Oester has earned high accolades including the following:

- Best in Show, Emerging Artists, Sacramento Fine Arts Center

- Los Angeles Dodger's Dream Foundation, Commissioned Artist

- Sacramento Kings Organization's Commissioned Artist

- The Legacy Agency, Commissioned Sports Artist

- The Los Angeles Zoo and Gardens, Betty White's Top Twelve

- San Jose Sharks Foundation Commissioned Artist

- Reef Check Worldwide, Contributing Artist




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